TED Talk as Professional Learning: Reimagine Classrooms

I’ve always loved watching/listening to TED talks. I think my first time really taking the time to watch a TED Talk was in one of my Education classes in college. Honestly, some of my favorite TED Talks are those focused on Education, given by teacher, or geared towards students….they are inspiring and they truly relate to me (as a teacher obviously) and challenge not only why I teach, but also how I approach instruction.

One of the PPL (Personalized Profesional Learning) choices for our BINGO board was to watch and reflect on a TED Talk. I loved that this was one of the choices because it was a way to be inspired and take part in something I already loved.

It just so turned out one week in my Principals of Education and Training class that I teach 6th period, we were learning about the art of “Sketch Noting”. I wanted my students to practice sketch noting over something that would be easy to follow, apply to our class, and inspire their mindset towards education and teaching. With all of that in mind I decided to show them a TED Talk called “Reimagining Classrooms: Teachers as Learners and Students as Leaders” by Kayla Delzer.

I was absolutely inspired by this TED Talk and felt that it truly captured how I strive to teach and integrate technology into my classroom. Kayla Delzer (now well known as a teacher and speaker) talked about how we should teach the “kids of today” by stating that as the world changes the kids in our classrooms have different needs when it comes to how they learn. She talked about the fact that Technology enhances the way we teach if we do it well and creates new ways of learning.

I also loved that she shared her thoughts on the fact that the students we have in our classrooms are the leaders of the future! Thus, with this in mind it is part of our job to develop their knowledge and help them to chase learning success.

There is so much more I could say about this TED Talk, but I have to say it is really just worth watching. However, since I chose to show this in one of my classes that was learning how to Sketch Note, I decided to take part and practice Sketch Noting with them to capture the main ideas and what stood out to me from the TED Talk (see below)….

Sketch Note of TED Talk

If you want to learn more about Sketch Noting check out THIS ARTICLE for resources!

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