About Me

About pages are always tough because I hate being the center of attention and talking about myself, so here is what you should really know…..

I was the girl who grew up playing school! My favorite field trip was to the one room schoolhouse and all of my favorite movies and shows always had characters who were teachers. I even come from a long line of teachers, two of whom are my own parents, but I never considered being a teacher until I realized I could teach students everything I LOVED to do in a normal day like sew, cook, bake, plan events, design spaces, decorate room, discuss the importance of relationships, and so much more!

My journey to teaching was one of adventure, eye opening moments, growth, change, challenges, and a development of a passion I didn’t know I ever possessed. As a teacher I often still see myself as a student learning, might challenge the system, have crazy ideas, believe to often in the good of everyone, take risks (that sometimes pay off), pour myself into lessons & projects, but I wouldn’t change anything if I get the opportunity to inspire young minds every day to take risks, make mistakes, and get a little messy along the way.