Article Reflection: When a Student Hates You

One of our choice activities for our PPL BINGO Challenge was to reflect on an educational article. I chose an article off of the wonderful blog Cult of Pedagogy that was titled “When A Student Hates You“.

I chose this first, because the title interested me. Additionally however, I chose this article because, as a person who tends to take things personally, (especially from people I care about) I wanted to hear another teachers perspective on dealing with situations where students go from liking to disliking/hating you.

I actually learned a lot from this article, specifically that you have to find the balance between your own ego and putting the students needs and emotions first. You have to know when you might have said or done something wrong and you have to put your own pride aside and try to make it right with that student. Sometimes this means telling a student that you were wrong or apologize for something you said or did…..which isn’t always (or ever) easy, but we have to learn to rebuild the bridges to foster positive relationships.

Reading this article really made me think and ask myself “What would I do in these situations”? I am always someone who likes to prepare for things before they might ever happen. However, as teacher we must also make sure that we are saying and doing things in our classes that do not cause students to dislike us (on purpose). Obviously, we can unknowingly do or say something that causes a student to hate us, bu even then we have to know how to fix the situation. I think the mindset this article instilled in me helped me to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses.

I realized that I have strengths in building relationships and usually not letting my ego affect those relationships, but I do know that when I start to get a bit frustrated with a student for wasting time or not doing what they are supposed to, I can often times get “sarcastic” or stern with them which could cause them to develop a dislike for me.

Personally, I feel that this PPL BINGO challenge activity made me better because it caused me to reflect and think about what I say in class and how I treat students, but it also helped me to prepare for future situations that could come up & know how to handle them or prevent them before they get worse. I can definitely say that since reading this article I have had a situation come up where I used some of the tactics from this article to help me talk to a student whose behavior towards me had started to change.

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